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Tom Wadler has perfected the process of “Online” Automotive Recruiting and Interview Scheduling. Tom personally handles each and every campaign, knowing what an Automotive Dealership needs and is looking for, having owned 10 Auto Dealerships himself. Tom Wadler is the best recruiter in the Automotive Business, with proven results!

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Platinum “On-Line” Recruiting Package
with Interview Scheduling

The week prior to the start date of Interviews in the Dealership showroom by the Dealership’s Managers, I will post the “Platinum Online Salesperson Employment Ad” on several of the “Major Job Boards” and “Employment Websites.”

I will review each applicant’s resume I receive to determine whether or not they are a viable candidate.

My secretary will then contact the bona fide applicants to schedule appointments for Interviews.

The morning of the actual interview appointment, a reminder text message will be sent to each applicant.

Each day, I will email an itinerary, to the designated Dealership’s Manager, of the scheduled time of the applicant’s appointment. The appointments will be scheduled that Monday through Thursday, at half-hour intervals, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. each day. Tom will schedule approximately 13 Interview appointments per day. (Only Recruiting Company that does that.)

I recommend a “New Hire Orientation Day," with the hired candidates, to be scheduled by the designated Dealership Manager, to be held the Friday after Monday through Thursday’s Interviews.

At the “Orientation” on Friday, the “New Hires” will introduce themselves to the Dealership’s Managers and the other “New Hires.” They will explain to the other hired candidates and Dealership’s Managers their previous employment and why they chose to become an “Automobile Salesperson at your Dealership.”

The Dealership’s Managers will detail the duties of the “New Hires” and explain what is expected of them as an “Automobile Salesperson” at your Dealership and explain the “Dealership’s Payplan, Bonus Plans and Benefits.”

These Campaigns are all-inclusive, never any additional costs. Hire as many of the applicants as you want. I also do suggest you hire some “additional applicants” to allow for Fall-Outs due to: No shows, uninsurable candidates due to too many points on their licenses, bad backgrounds, failed drug tests.

Each Job Ad is individually written for your specific Dealership. All Ads are “Sponsored” (paid for); NEVER are any “”Free” Ads used from any Job Board/Employment Website.

​We will create a proposal that will work for you and immediately get the ball rolling! Thank you for your consideration. Warmest regards.

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Tom Wadler - President
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Tom Wadler Automobile Sales Training
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